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Whenever you plan a visit to our clinic, we would like you to have a general idea of the examination process. However, you may still have some questions. Here we have tried to answer some commonly asked questions.

How much time is needed for an eye check?

A comprehensive eye check which includes history taking, glass power check, Slit lamp examination followed by dilated retinal evaluation and discussion with the patient requires approximately 20 minutes. Diabetic, Hypertensive & Glaucoma patient may need 45 minutes.

Can I drive back home?

Yes, you can. It is preferable not to drive for 2-3 hours after dilated eye exam.

How frequently should one have an eye check?

A yearly checkup after the age of 40 years is enough and for children usually 6 months. However if the patient has Diabetes, Blood pressure or any other illness then the frequency of visits will be decided after discussions with the Doctor.

How many persons can accompany me to the clinic?

Only one adult needs to accompany the patient.

Do i always wear dark glasses after surgery?

Yes, for 1 week. After 1 week glasses not needed indoors.

When can i resume my normal activities?

Following cataract or Lasik surgery one can resume normal activities after a week of surgery.

How do i protect my eye during sleep?

Avoid sleeping on the side of the operated eye.

When will i get glasses following surgery?

Usually for cataract surgery glasses are given by 2 weeks post-surgery.
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