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LASIK is a type of refractive surgery done with the help of Laser which helps to get rid of Refractive errors which in simple terms means to get rid of glasses and contact lenses. Alcon Wavelight EX 500 is one of the USFDA approved fastest Excimer laser machine. It has a small spot size & a fast eye tracker which ensures precision of the surgical result.

Types of refractive errors

We usually have three types of refractive errors of the eyes:

Prerequisite for LASIK Surgery

LASIK is usually advised when the glass power is stable for about a year. This is usually seen after completion of 18-19 years of age for girls & 20-21 years of age for boys.

Pre-Treatment Tests for LASIK Surgery

If an individual is interested in having Excimer Laser treatment he needs to undergo certain tests like

Based on these reports it is decided whether the individual is fit for Excimer Laser. If fit the procedure is performed on day care basis, with the help of Alcon EX 500 Excimer Laserwhich makes the treatment short, precise and comfortable.
The main procedure requires about 5-10 minutes. No eye patch is required hence the person can leave the clinic in a few minutes after the procedure is done. Usually the individual can resume his duties after a short rest of 3 days.

lasik report
lasik report
lasik report

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